Sunday, December 30, 2007

Recycle your jewelry

Start the new year with a bang and get your jewelry in for a jewelry makeover! Gold and diamonds have increased in value and by letting us take them apart and remake them into something more glitzy, you will save alot of money and have some new jewelry to wear. It costs a fraction of what new jewelry does, so gather up you're things and give me a call or log onto

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"Frank" Franklin said...


You are so correct. My business (Jewelry Recycling Centers of America) sees an astonishing quantity of jewelry items that need only minor repairs to remain viable beautiful pieces.

Nice waterfall rings missing a single small diamond, bracelets and chains with broken clasps, earrings missing backs, broken shanks and more that are discarded for cash simply because it's too much trouble to do minor repairs for some people.


Thanks so much for encouraging others to recycle jewelry.